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Intensive 3-day online training Mass launching
for million+

All secrets of big launchings
and sales from A to Z.
For persons who earn more than 300 thousand
rubles per month.This information is privileged for
professional businessmen.
02 advantages
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We’ll plan a startup especially for Your infoproduct

And thoroughly describe information of premium course that costs 350 thousand rubles in order you make your own startup with income about 1-4,5 millions rubles per month.

You’ll get advanced sales methodologies for any products with big income during one startup and for monthly sales.


You’ll get advanced big sales principles in order to earn monthly several million rubles.


You’ll find out sales secrets through webinar, videos, e-mail, free material for every day.


You’ll find out phantom effect secrets and advanced neiromarketing methodologies in order to earn money.

To interest a client:

You’ll find out ways to interest an audience, to catch eyes to your product, to induce to buy, to turn into a fan.

To get rid of unnecessary:

You’ll find out ways to get rid of 99% unnecessary actions, to finish doing lots but to earn too little.

Automation secrets:

You’ll find out smart automation and system building system secrets in order to develop steadily increasing business system.

System- defined start:

single system-defined start instead torn method or sales way. Everything is accumulated into a single system where every step seeks to sales increasing.

03 Sergei Bibin
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Meet Sergey Bibin – a person who became a Russian innovator in infoproducts startsups.

Take this experience for you: Sergey’s result is 145 million
rubles in soft niche in 3,5 years and
Sales experience from 2007!
The only result in Russia in theme “dream achieving”.
Many infobusiness coaches who even crowned as in-
fobusiness guru have not such a result in unknown
niche in 3,5 years.

Guru of infobusiness,
the author of the book learning

Guru of mass starts of online-studing in real time.
Sales experience from 2007 until today.
The author of the first book about mass starts “Infobusiness: Instructions for sales per million.
145 million rubles in 3,5 years is the only result in Russia in theme “dream achieving”.
He brought 1 040 000 subs in 2,5 years for project «edition».
He wrote about 540 scenarios for selling videos in recent 5 years and tens of 500-pages books.

I'm for quality in the information business, for a business at a high level, when an infobusinessman requires a maximum from himself and does more than he can. And that this is expressed not only in the conduct of business, but also in the products created for customers. I'm against when an infobusinessman introduces his precedents as formulas, doesn’t sort out in methodologies he tells about, shows himself as a specialist because packaging requires it, although he is not.

04 Informational Product
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You can forget your headache above «How can I sell informational product for million+ and avoid any problems»

There is no
need in concern
You won’t have to worry about selling webinars, videos, e-mails, making a paid offer, bonuses, refuseniks and burning out your subscription base.
You won’t
have to worry
You won’t have to puzzle over about ways to organize your webinar the best in order to sell more, write an e-mail that would be read and clicked.
No need
to go crazy
You won’t need go crazy and worry about way to sell, what the next step to make in order to earn more money, ways to squeeze those who do not buy.
You are in safety
Your business, your subscription base and relations with it, your sales, your profit of a million or more is under protection. You are safe from failure!
Сергей Бибин
05 Lose more
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You lose more than you think What is a really bad sale?

It means that you managed to sell your product to a small number of people, and most
of the money you lost. Do not think that you lose only when someone didn’t pay for the
order or ran away from the webinar or didn’t react to your deadline.

You lose money at the time of sales and a lot of money and that's not all.

You lose potential cu stomers by burning off the subscription base.

You lose people who could become your client and provide you with money.

You lose money on advertising because of the low percentage of sales

06 Sergei Bibin
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Now the business is working,
and then what?

Losses are like a snowball, and sales on big checks
are a monetary snowball.

The more customers there
are, the bigger amount
of repeat purchases.

The more customers there are,
the longer you get profit
from customers.

The more money there is, the bigger
amount of complex ideas you implement
to increase profits.

Sales are playings with fire. You either burn out, or provide a sunny financial future.
07 on the intensive learn
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You will be able to create incredible
in sales of an info product

What you learn on this intensive, will bring
you a million + rubles from the sale.

You will be able engage an inactive audience in your training, which it is difficult to jump off from and the only way out is to buy infoproduct.

You will be able to manage the desire of those who do not buy and lead them to buying your info product.

You can through every word, letter, video presentation, influence the subconscious decision to buy, create the desire you want

You will be able to create offers for several million rubles, which does not cause resistance and objections from buyers.

You will be able to turn into money and repeat purchases any group of buyers from those who have shown interest to those who persistently buy nothing

You will be able to secure yourself a high profit for several months ahead, prompting to buy yours again and again.

08 programm
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Intensive program that will
bring you a million+


We will thoroughly sort out the bonus launch in a million + - all the nuances of the big launches + the answers to the questions

We will sort out each step of the launch of the "how to find out about the demand for your product" and to repeat sales. How to sell something else for 7 days the buyers of your program. You will receive exhaustive information from "what to write in letters, to speak at speeches" to "when and at what time what to do." I will immerse you inside the launch and show how everything is arranged.


We plan on the steps your own launch - what exactly should you do in order to sell in a million +

We'll take your infoproduct and prescribe a start-up plan for a million+ from A to Z. All you have to do is complete each step, following my recommendations


We will analyze different models of launches: from fast to large (from manual to automatic)

I'll show you the principles of quick sales, when you urgently need to sell something and show ways to secure a passive profit, when all sales occur automatically.

09 what you get
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What will you get at the finish

Designed plan in a million+ especially for your infoproduct
Expertise in the launches of your info product
«Embed it! What do you wait?»

You will only have to implement it. If you need personal support, then no problem. We can do it together. On the intensive, I will tell you how we can work together. No sale or advertising speech.

10 does not fit all
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Who urgently needs to be trained,
but who does not need it?

Who urgently needs:

You have a studing program, training or infoproduct, and you have already tried to sell several times, but you need a whole system from A to Z in order to do not have to guess "What step should I take? What is better to do? ".

For infoproducers

You will get a competing launch model that will enrich you and those you promote. You will be able to get the best trainers.

For consultants

You will get a launch model, after that your customers will easily purchase your services and personal consultations. You will become a popular consultant.

For trainers/cauches

You will get the startup model that will lead a large number of customers into your programs. Many will dream to get to you. Many will come to you, and not to another coach.

To people with
a serious face

Everyone who knows everything and knows how, but who desperately needs the result, but because of pride and pathos is closed from training and is not going to act until he misses through thousands of filters of doubt.

Who doesn’t need:
who just starts

Who is at the initial level and makes sales rarely and at an average less than 100 OOO rubles a month. irst, you will not overpower this program. Secondly, your information product should have feedback and results.

To lovers of
the magic method

If you imagine the next: you made something one and immediately all problems became decided; you got much money and glory.

This is a program for middle and advanced inforbusinessmen. Not for beginners from scratch or newcomers who did not check their business for durability earning less than 100 thousand rubles per month.
11 premium money
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In Russia it is a breakthrough
in the sale of infoproducts

What you will learn on this intensive, nobody
will tell you in the RuNet
The main difference from other models is:

A systemic single launch instead a torn out method or method of sales, all put together into a single system, where each stage tends to increase sales and increase the buyer's interest in buying;

The launch doesn’t burn out the audience and subscription base, but creates a foundation for a million (the foundation for a million is the base of loyal customers that participate in any other startups and restarting)

Is based on the sales and marketing principles, the psychology of purchases and buyers, and doesn’t use clear sales techniques without regard to the situation, the topic of the infoproduct.

The emphasis of each stage is headed exclusively on that part of the audience who seeks to defer or avoid buying for various reasons, the rest will buy anyway.

leads him to the desired purchase by a natural way for the buyer and helps to open and create a desire to buy even before the start of sales;

Author's development

This is an author's exclusive development, which took place in 2013 and is an experience of 145 million rubles for 3.5 years. It is still subjected to new tests and experiments that increase its effectiveness.

This author's launch is a breakthrough in the sale of infoproducts. Launch ahead of the current trends "quickly just sell". It does not look like one model and is based on psychological and practical principles. The whole emphasis of this launch is counted to those who refuse and evade purchase.

In short, this is a system launch, which wasn’t in Russia until the current moment. This changes the industry of informational production in sales. And you are in the first places who can take this proven "weapon" to reach your financial goal and earn a million or more.

Let's up the antes even higher! Premium-money-back guarantee, if for 7 days
you do not return investments in the intensive.*

You might request a refund for participation If you will not repel your investment
of 25 thousand rubles or only partially refund after launching a video lesson
made at a premium bonus:
Full return

In case the video does not work at all and the result will be about 0. It is unlikely that it will be so, but you can count on it.

Particular return

In case you earn, for example only a part, 5 OOO rubles or 10 OOO rubles. It is unlikely.

I am sure in sale metodology.

* This note I have to write in case of protection from freeloaders, pirates and unconscientious clients. If you are not from them, then this reading is not necessary for you. So, this guarantee is valid in case you earn at least 300 rubles per month in your infobusiness and you have a subscription base. Otherwise, it will not be a fair deal if you suddenly find yourself a beginner and you will not be able to send this video to anyone. 7 days is considered from the moment the video is sent, provided that at least 3 e-mails are sent. Also it will be necessary to send to me a video for the statement, that it is made correctly, in this case there will be a feedback in a format of the video-answer or consultation. If it does not help, then there is no problem repaying money. No offense.